Experience the premium quality of our product, meticulously forged from aluminium and treated with an anodised matte finish. Made in Portugal

  • Slim and ergonomic

  • Strong and compact light

  • 55mm filters size

  • magnet technology

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Suitable for all smartphones

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets in the market, thanks to the magnetic ring (included) and large filter size

1h30min autonomy on 100% mode

Upgrade your lighting game with the advanced LED light: compact design, maximum power

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Full combo - G8 holder + LED light + CPL filter

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Technical specifications

Getting started with the G8

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 123 x 63 x 21 mm 

Material: Anodised aluminium 

Magnetic fixation

Adapter for Ø55mm photographic filters

Light source: 6W cob lamp bead

Power supply: 650 Ma - rechargeable battery - USB-C*

Function mode: white light 40% - 80% - 100%


Anti-slip adhesive rubber

Adhesive magnetic reinforcement

*When charging, the indicator light shows red and turns green when fully charged


When the light is on, do not look directly at the light of cob

It is not a toy. For children under 6 years old, use it under the supervision of adults


The G8 is designed for quick and direct installation on the magnetic matrix of smartphone devices with Magsafe. 

– For installation on devices without matrix or magnetic field reinforcement, you can install the ring* provided (optional), removing the rear film and attach it directly on the device or even on protective covers; NOTE: The device size and alignment of the support should be considered, keeping the negative for the filter aligned with the phone camera. 

– To promote better grip between the support and the device, the supplied anti-slip rubber* film (optional) can be installed by removing the film from the back and aligning the adhesive part with the support. 

– The 55mm filters should be assembled on the top of the support until it is fixed. 

– Turn on the light of the LED adapter before attach to the support. 

– Attach the LED adapter in the center of the support and ensure that the magnetic fixation is correct.

– LED autonomy: 1h30 on the maximum power.

* They will not adhere to rubber, matte glass, silicon, TPU or soft touch coatings.

Function of the LED

  • 1st function (1 click): 40% white light
  • 2nd function (1 click): 80% white light
  • 3rd function (1 click and press): 100% white light
  • 4th function (3 clicks): turn off.

*For safety reasons, there are two click without lighting before switching off.

Designed by Luis Loureiro, Made in Portugal